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Professional Development Workshops Series


November 26, 2014

Professional Development Workshops Series

Joss Richer, Program Officer

grey-wheelNot only does artsnb administer funding programs for professional artists, it also brings professional development opportunities to all artists in New Brunswick. One of my responsibilities here at artsnb is to look after our professional development series of workshops. Here is a list of recent and upcoming workshops that were or will be offered through artsnb in partnership with various partner organizations.

artsnb Presentations on Programs and Grant Writing

We regularly offer a couple of basic workshops in person across the province. These workshops are also available as video presentations on this web site. The first one describes artsnb‘s suite of funding programs in some level of details. The second shows participants how to fill out and submit grant applications for these programs.

Packaging Yourself (27 March and 3 April)

In early spring, Planet Hatch helped artsnb bring a couple of workshops to NB artists interested in presenting themselves and their work to the public. Shaping Identity was designed to help artists discover their ‘ideal’ clients and target market through the judicious use of branding. The aim of Launching was to help create an effective online presence and develop a marketing strategies that works for you.

Building a Business Plan (16 May)

This past spring, artsnb collaborated with Ignite Fredericton to deliver an all-day workshop at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre in Fredericton on how to build a business plan. Under the heading Business Basics, Mike Mazerolle and Andrew Campbell presented a number of topics, including the characteristics of an entrepreneur, the importance of a business plan, choosing a location and defining the operational requirements for your business, sources of funding, and presented options for further training resources. They followed this with Writing a Business Plan, where they introduced the following: developing your value proposition, knowing your competition, acquiring market knowledge, pricing your products and services, budgeting and scheduling.

The workshop attracted around 35 participants—some hailing as far as Prince Edward Island—and generated a lot of stimulating discussions.

Intellectual Property and Copyright (8-9 October)

In the fall, artsnb collaborated with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) to deliver a workshop on intellectual property (IP) and copyright. Cecile Klein from CIPO delivered the workshop in French at the Centre des arts et de la culture de Dieppe and in English at the Saint John Arts Centre. Cecile’s presentation was entitled Intellectual Property: What’s in it for me? and covered intellectual property rights, their strategic value, trade secrets, patents, trademarks and copyright. Her aim was to give participants a better understanding of what IP is and “how to make the most of your inventions and creations by protecting the IP built into them.” Around ten people attended each of these events which prompted lively discussions well into the evening.

Running a Business as an Artist (upcoming in February 2015)

Have you ever pondered whether you should set yourself your practice up as a business? And if you do, what the advantages and drawbacks might be? For example, could you claim part of your rent or mileage as a business expense? Can you claim some of your equipment and material as business expenses? Well, our own savvy accountant, Gary Belding, can help you figure this out.

Gary will present a timely, half-day workshop at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre in Fredericton, just ahead of tax season. He will explore a series of topics with you, ranging from the pros and cons of setting a business, income tax implications, record keeping and reporting, and a few other important points to ponder.

I’d like to hear from you!

If you’d like to learn more about a specific topic that we have not covered yet, please let me know. We are on the lookout for opportunities to fulfill your professional development needs. You can reach me by phone at 506-478-4610 or by email at