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Artsnb’s Digital Transition Tutorial Series


August 24, 2015

Artsnb’s Digital Transition Tutorial Series
Kristen Atkins

Artsnb is currently going through a digital transition for online grant applications. What this means is that within the year all artsnb applications will be done through an online account system. This follows a worldwide cultural shift in all types of organizations who have been adapting their services to online platforms since the early 1990s. We are not changing much – just the method by which you deliver your information. Currently at artsnb, the “Career Development” program is the sole program available for online application since December 2014.

One key method to ease client transition to online systems is to develop the client toolbox. Throughout this fall, program officers Joss Richer and I will be writing short tutorial blog posts to assist you through this transition. Some of the topics we have scheduled are: “Creating an account”, “How to apply online”, “Uploading your support material to media hosting services”, and “Uploading images to your account”, “How to write an effective artist CV” and “File naming”.

These tutorial topics are the result of program officer brainstorming and attempts to anticipate client questions in hopes this series will help ease the transition to our online application system. If you have any topics to suggest to us– please send us an e-mail. We are always looking for ideas! As program officers it is our job to assist you with any questions related to your application.

A little about of online application system:

-On a client level: the online system’s function is to enable you to create and manage information about your application electronically through a secure website
-On an administrative level: the online system’s function is to track and generate information related to granting programs.

Benefits of the Online Application System:

Moving online has benefits for both clients and artsnb admin
-For clients: cuts costs associated with shipping and printing materials; convenience; clarifies application process
-For administration: accountability; reduce administrative costs; faster grant processing times

As a result of this new system, Program Officers will increasingly be dealing with the management of digital applications with support material stored in various media types. I hope this introduction to the digital transition has provided you with awareness of future changes coming to the grant programs offered at artsnb!


View the Digital Transition Series blogs here: