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Upcoming Workshops for Indigenous Artists


October 4, 2016

Upcoming Workshops for Indigenous Artists

Corrina Merasty-Gallant, Workshop Facilitator

Tansi Everyone!

This fall has brought with it a great change in my career. I feel truly excited and enthusiastic about joining the team at artsnb. I will be shadowing the current Workshop Facilitator, Mariah Sockabasin, for the next 2 months as she prepares to take her maternity leave this winter. In this new position, I will work on organizing a series of workshops for Indigenous artists with involvement from local, regional and National arts organizations and arts professionals. The goal of these workshops is to increase the number of Indigenous artists in New Brunswick who are prepared to work towards a sustainable artistic practice so they can thrive rather than survive. This will provide training and resources so that professional artists are able to network and navigate the professional arts world in 6 artistic disciplines: Visual Arts & Fine Craft, Literary Arts, Music, Dance, Film and Theatre.


Before coming to work for artsnb, I worked in communications, customer service, graphic design, sales, and also a Digital Literacy Instructor. I believe that my education, work experience, and enthusiasm and passion for the arts have prepared me for this position as a Workshop Facilitator at artsnb.  I am at my best in a creative, free flowing working environment where great ideas actually become achievable actions, which is why I am very excited to start working here. I want to help create positive change in our world, not just talk about it but to help do something about it. I am also excited about working here because I get an opportunity to help to improve the quality, visibility, reputation, and perception of New Brunswick’s Indigenous artists and their work; helping to provide a creative environment for New Brunswick First Nations people to express themselves and their heritage through all forms of art.

I am thankful to be accepted into the artsnb team, and look forward to the opportunity to work and connect with other talented people!


Thank- you,

Corrina Merasty-Gallant


artsnb is hosting a series of Indigenous arts workshops in 2016-2017. The next workshop will be for literary arts, happening October 13th-15th. Registration is free. To register, contact Mariah Sockabasin (506) 259-9776/ or Corrina Merasty-Gallant (506) 238-4071/