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Meet our student intern, Lilian Taylor!


July 14, 2017

Hi there, my name is Lilian and I am this summer’s student intern at artsnb. After working at artsnb for nearly a month, it’s time to introduce myself! I came to Fredericton nearly two years ago to attend the University of New Brunswick and between the beautiful river views and the thriving arts community, I quickly fell in love with the city.

I am so pleased to be working at artsnb this summer. At the end of my interview for the position, I asked my three interviewers why it was that they enjoyed working at artsnb and the common theme among all of their answers was that they truly loved coming into work every day. After being here for a few weeks, I can totally relate, the staff is fantastic and do amazing work for the arts community and it is a pleasure to be a part of it.

My primary duty is digitizing and uploading application information to our online database as we move away from a traditional paper based application system to a digital one. I was a little chicken at first when I saw just how many files needed to be scanned and uploaded, but it’s going well so far! I also take on whatever other tasks are sent my way, including writing articles for the blog and helping out with producing the annual report. As someone with a background in political science and a strong interest in legislation and public policy, I’m enjoying learning about the process through which arts funding is distributed within the province.

As for my own connection to the arts, I’ve been dancing most of my life, from starting out bouncing like a kangaroo as a toddler, to honing my skills through strict training as I got older. Dance is my first love, and while I have taken many different styles, Highland dance is my favourite and has afforded me some amazing experiences. One of the highlights of my career is having twice danced in the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, once in 2012 as part of a Canadian group and again in 2014 as one of 50 chosen from across the Commonwealth. Unfortunately, severe injury has meant that I have made the tough choice to retire from serious dancing, although I still dance recreationally.

These days, you’re likely to find me engaging my creative side by knitting. I bring my knitting with me everywhere, be it lectures at school, at the pub with friends, or just at home binge-watching Netflix, I’ve always got something on my needles and new design ideas brewing. I’m an avid collector of sock yarn and most Christmases Santa leaves me a few skeins to add to my stash, which I work away at during the year. Beyond that, I have dabbled in a number of other areas including weaving, sewing, pattern designing, snare drumming, acting, and choreography.

Working at artsnb so far has been a wonderful experience, the work done by the board is incredibly important and I’m loving be a part of it and gaining some insight into the challenges of being an artist in the province, as well as working with some lovely people.

The artsnb team celebrating successfully recovering the lost Jewel of Zanzibar with 7 seconds to spare.

The artsnb team celebrating successfully recovering the lost Jewel of Zanzibar with 7 seconds to spare.
L-R: Lilian Taylor, Sarah Beth Shiplett, Corrina Merasty-Gallant and the Lost Jewel, Joss Richer, Benjamin Broucke and Tilly Jackson