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Statutory Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee supervises the day-to-day operations of the Board’s administration and supervises financial operations and budget forecasting.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee supervises the public nominations process leading to Board appointments. It is convened when one or more board members have reached the end of their term.

Programs and Juries Committee

The Programs and Juries Committee develops grant programs and program criteria concerning eligibility, jury selection, and terms and conditions of awards and prizes.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee advises the Board on its communication strategy, including press relations, public relations, website development, and media monitoring.

Circle of Elders

Convened to advise artsnb on how to ensure culturally appropriate programming and jury processes for Wolastoqiyik and Mi’kmaq artists within New Brunswick’s arts and culture ecosystem, the Circle of Elders has a balanced composition of well-recognized and respected elders from New Brunswick First Nations communities.

George Paul

George Paul_websize

George was born on the Red Bank Indian Reservation along the Miramichi River in New Brunswick Canada. For the past 30 years, George has been involved with the Aboriginal Traditional Movement in reviving Mi’kmaq Songs, Chants and Ceremonies. George Paul is now very well known in the Atlantic Region, particularly in the field of Aboriginal Studies. He has been involved with the production of many documentaries. George is recognized for his outstanding public speaking abilities and has been appointed on several occasions to be a voice for his people on several aboriginal issues. He has collaborated with many schools, universities and government agencies in the development of Mi’kmaq Music, Language, Art and Dance.

Marge Polchies

Marge PolchiesMarge is a Malecite language teacher who taught in Woodstock and Holton First Nations. She also volunteered in High School to give second language credits in Malecite in order to help a student keep her language. Marge had known schools that prevented her from speaking her mother tongue, thus it’s through perseverance and interaction with community members that she kept her language a live. She is also very active in everything cultural and language based in her community, volunteering her time at many venues. Marge is a master at traditional cooking. When she was a child, it was her trapper father who cooked the wild game he caught. Her father and brother were basket makers, and so was her maternal grandmother, and her father taught many men in the community how to make baskets, one of whom still makes and sells baskets to this day. She still remembers children in her classes beaming with excitement as they drew pictures of the glistening salmon going upriver as described in the stories she told.

Imelda Perley


Imelda’s core art practice is in language, storytelling in particular, which she has brought to a level of art. Her work is intergenerational as she works with babies before and after birth, children, teenagers, for puberty ceremonies, as well as with elders in the communities. She also designs regalia based on her dreams which she then brings to makers to see her designs come to life. Imelda has been working as Elder in residence at University of New Brunswick for twenty years and, in conjunction with the community there and away, is working on a fundraiser for the Gwen Bear scholarship. In addition, she is giving 13 moon teachings, one a month in First Nation communities across NB and teaches language classes at UNB and University of Maine as well as online, making sure the Malecite language stays alive and strong. In fact, she was instrumental in putting together the Malecite-Passamaquoddy-English dictionary. In Fredericton, she has been working with the Beaverbrook Gallery giving workshops to youth aged 12 to 18 with Natalie Sappier, on art and storytelling accompanied by a ceremonial.

Hubert Francis

Hubert Francis hails from Elsipogtog Mig’Mag Indian Reserve. Eaglefeather, an internationally award winning rock group lead by Hubert Francis, has been around since 1990, setting itself apart by its unique sound combining traditional chants and contemporary rock. Eaglefeather’s last CD “Message from a Drum” has been nominated for 2 Junos, 3 East Coast Music awards, and an American Music Award. The group has performed at the Lincoln Center, NYC, Tonder Festival in Denmark, and has toured in East and West Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As a singer-songwriter, Hubert is currently recording a single titled “Voices, Idle No More” which is scheduled to be released soon. In addition to Eaglefeather, Hubert has also been a cast member of a production titled DRUM! for over 10 years. A musical production based out of Halifax N.S.,produced by Brookes Diamond, DRUM! tells through song and dance the story of the Acadians, Celts and Black cultures and the history of how they came to be in the Maritimes and how the Mig’Mag people have contributed to their survival on this land. DRUM! has been performed for Queen Elizabeth II; as part of the 2010 Winter Olympics ceremonies in Vancouver; has been toured on several occasions of the United States; and recently in Dollywood at Sevierville, Tennessee. Find further bio information for Hubert Francis on this page.