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The New Brunswick Arts Board has the following purposes:

  • to facilitate and promote the creation and production of art;
  • to facilitate and promote the enjoyment, awareness and understanding of the arts;
  • to provide advice to the government, through the Minister, on policy development respecting the arts and on matters relating to the arts;
  • to promote and advocate for arts excellence;
  • to celebrate artistic excellence through the development and administration of awards programs to recognize high achievement in the arts;
  • to develop and administer programs on behalf of the Minister to provide financial support to individuals and arts organizations for artistic creation and professional development opportunities;
  • to establish and operate a system of peer assessment, a jury system or other methods of evaluation relating to
    • the artistic merit of works, projects and prposals submitted to the Board or to the Minister, and
    • the selection of new acquisitions, including acquisitions for the New Brunswick Art Bank; and
  • to carry out such other activities or duties in relation to the arts as the Minister may direct or approve.