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2010 LGA Winners


Chantal Cadieux

Lieutenant-Governor's Award for High Achievement in Dance

Chantal Cadieux lives and breathes dance. Her name has become synonymous with the growth and development of dance in Acadie. As long as she can remember, the art of dance has been at the centre of her universe. She is an engaged as well as an accomplished artist who has devoted herself to this medium with conviction, commitment and energy, sharing her love, passion and vision of dance for more than 35 years.

A native of Moncton, this dancer and choreographer is a leading figure in New Brunswick's dance milieu. Moving beyond her youthful dreams of performing original creations in Acadie, she has taken the helm of developing the province's dance sector. She is also a tireless advocate and inspiration for countless other dancers. While dance performance and choreography remain at the heart of her life, teaching emerged very early on as another of her vocations. Chantal Cadieux has trained several generations of dancers and encouraged them to follow their own passion for this art form.

In 1979, Chantal Cadieux founded Productions DansEncorps, the first francophone dance school and company in New Brunswick. Her goal was to make dance accessible to a broader audience and to demystify this art form for the general public. This was deemed a major challenge, given the lack of a contemporary dance tradition in Acadie at the time.

Chantal Cadieux is also the founder and the artistic director of the Festival de danse en Atlantique, an annual cultural event that celebrated its fifth anniversary in June 2010. The program of this Moncton festival features workshops for all levels of amateur and professional dancers, as well as dance shows and performances for the general public.

Calixte Duguay

Lieutenant-Governor's Award for High Achievement in Music

For almost forty years, singer and songwriter Calixte Duguay has nurtured the collective imagination of Acadians and Francophones throughout the world. A musician, poet, cultural worker, music arranger and producer, Calixte Duguay is especially well known as a lyricist, composer and singer. Writing and singing have proven fertile ground for him to explore various facets of his strong musical talent. It's rare to find an Acadian singer or choir who have not performed one or another of Calixte Duguay's songs. Several of them have become classics in Acadie and beyond: "Louis Mailloux," "Pierre à Jean-Louis," "Encore debout," "Poème de chair" and of course the very popular "Les aboiteaux," which has been covered and recorded by countless musicians.

Over the years, this versatile and prolific musician from Sainte-Marie-sur-mer, on Lamèque Island (now known as Sainte-Marie-Saint-Raphaël), has published both music and lyrics of more than 500 songs. He released six albums of original songs, and his newest work, De terre et d'eau (2009), features close to forty of his own songs. He has also recorded albums for other singers and musicians, and produced work for theatre, film, radio and television in his studio.

Through his insightful writing that often reflects his sharp intelligence, his sense of humour and his poetic spirit, Calixte Duguay inspires his audiences to dream and have paved the way for many singers who have followed in his footsteps.

Beth Powning

Lieutenant-Governor's Award for High Achievement in English-Language Literary Arts

Way up in her tree house in the Connecticut countryside, eight-year-old Beth Davis, a mere slip of a girl, dreamed her dreams. Raised in a loving Quaker household, her fierce desire to be a writer was born of her love of books and stories spun from her own imagination.

It took some time for Beth Powning to find her own powerful literary voice. She collaborated on two gardening books with horticulturist Bob Osborne, pairing photographs with his text. Then came Seeds of Another Summer (1995), which celebrated her adopted home in photographs and, for the first time, her own words. Her next book launched her career. Shadow Child: An Apprenticeship in Love and Loss was a national bestseller, and was short-listed for the 2000 Edna Staebler Award. Shadow Child was a memoir; in aching detail, it told the story of Tate, her stillborn son. Edge Seasons: A Memoir also drew accolades.

Her first published novel, The Hatbox Letters, was a national bestseller, a Globe and Mail Best Book of 2004, and it made the list for the prestigious IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. Her most recent novel, The Sea Captain's Wife, is also a national bestseller and an Amazon Best Book selection. Her short fiction has been published in numerous literary journals including Prism International, Canadian Fiction Magazine and the Antigonish Review, and broadcast on CBC radio's Anthology, Audio Stage and Atlantic Airwaves. She has contributed to numerous anthologies including In the Fullness of Time: 32 Women on Life after 50, Breaking the Word Barrier: Stories of Adults Learning to Read and Dropped Threads 3.

Actively involved in various social and cultural initiatives, she mentors and shares her talents with other writers. She has been involved in education, music and the environment. She sings with the Sussex Choral Society, sits on the local library board and founded the Sussex chapter of Project Ploughshares, a peace and disarmament group.

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