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Emerging dance professionals are those who have completed their basic training (as defined by the standards of their dance form), are ready to undertake a professional career and have had some professional experience. They should have accreditation from a nationally or internationally accredited institution. For dancers, this means having performed in at least one professional public presentation where they were paid a fee. Choreographers should have presented at least three works publicly in a period of no less than three years.

Mid-career dance professionals are those who should have had a professional career for at least five years, are recognized regionally or nationally by peers within their artistic tradition and/or discipline, and are recognized for their contribution to the field of dance.

Senior dance professionals should have had a substantial impact on the field of dance nationally or internationally, have been actively engaged in the professional dance milieu and have sustained a career for a minimum of 15 years. The entire body of work of the artist will be taken in consideration, i.e. choreography, interpretation or research. Demonstration of accolades in the field should be provided.