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The Jury Process


Eligible applications are evaluated by a multidisciplinary or disciplinary jury composed of professional artists chosen from a master list of jurors. This list is updated regularly with the names of professional artists who have received category A or B grants from the artsnb Creation program or are suggested by the arts community to the Programs and Juries Committee and approved by artsnb.

Multidisciplinary and disciplinary juries are formed to assess grant applications under the Juried Programs offered by artsnb. Different types of juries may be set up according to the needs and characteristics of the programs concerned.

Multidisciplinary juries consist of up to 9 members representing, equitably, all disciplines in the arts: architecture, craft, dance, English literary arts, French literary arts, media arts, multidisciplinary arts, music (classical and non-classical), storytelling, theatre and visual arts. Normally, one member of each jury is a resident of another province. Disciplinary juries consist of a minimum of 3 members for each discipline in which applications have been received. Gender, language and regional representation are also considered when selecting the jury. An artist is appointed to sit on a jury for one meeting and may not be called upon to serve on another jury in the same program for another 2 years.

For each competition, the Programs Officer, in consultation with the Executive Director, will select the jury from the list of approved jurors.

Jury meetings are confidential. Jurors are instructed that the contents of applicants’ files, the comments of individual jurors, and the marks assigned are not to be divulged outside of the meetings. After each jury, jurors are asked to make comments on grant program criteria and the jury process; these are submitted to the Programs and Juries Committee.

The list of jury members remains confidential until artsnb publishes its annual report.