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Definition of a Professional Artist


A professional artist is an individual who:

  • Has specialized training in an artistic discipline (not necessarily in academic institutions), is recognized as such by their peers (artists working in the same artistic discipline), and is committed to devoting more time to the artistic activity if financially feasible;
  • Has a history of public presentation in a professional context;
  • Practices an art and offers services in exchange for remuneration as a creator, as a performer, or as a director in one or more of the arts disciplines recognized by artsnb; and
  • Satisfies three of the following criteria, including one of those in paragraphs 1, 2, 3, and 4:

    1. the artist receives or has received remuneration for works, notably in the form of sales, royalties, commissions, fees, residuals, grants, or awards that can reasonably be considered an integral part of the income that the artist earns from professional activity;

    2. the artist has made earnings or suffered losses resulting from the exploitation of his/her works and corresponding to the whole of their artistic career;

    3. the artist has received tokens of professional recognition from the public or peers, notably honorable mentions, awards, bursaries, or critical attention in the media;

    4. the artist has earned a degree, diploma or certificate in one or more of the arts disciplines recognized by artsnb, and this from a recognized institution;

    5. the artist has presented works to the public through exhibitions, performing arts activities, publications in book form or in periodicals, invited readings, production and/or broadcast of creative scripts by theatre, radio, or television, showings, or any other means corresponding to the nature of the works;

    6. the artist is represented by an art dealer, a publisher, an agent, or other similar representative, depending on the nature of their activities;

    7. the artist has signed a service contract with a producer;

    8. the artist devotes a reasonable percentage of their professional activity to promoting and marketing works, attending auditions, seeking patrons or agents, submitting work to publishers, magazines, theatres, radio, and television, and other similar efforts, depending on the nature of their activities.