Jury Process


Have you ever wondered how the grant application process works at artsnb? This video is for you!


The principle of peer evaluation is the foundation of the artsnb jury system. In a nutshell, here is how the grant assessment process works:

Applications submitted to artsnb grant programs are first screened by artsnb staff to verify completeness and eligibility. Eligible applications are then evaluated by a peer jury of professional artists. For each competition, the artsnb Program Officer, in consultation with the Executive Director, selects the jury members from the master list of approved jurors. Juries may be disciplinary or multidisciplinary, depending on the needs and characteristics of the grant program concerned. Gender, language, and regional representation are also considered when assembling juries.

Jury meetings are confidential. Jurors may not divulge the contents of an application, the identities or comments of individual jurors, or marks assigned to any application, outside of the jury meeting. A summary of juror feedback for each application is recorded in writing by artsnb staff during the jury meeting. Applicants are encouraged to contact artsnb by phone to request this feedback. Juror identities remain confidential until artsnb publishes its annual report containing an undifferentiated list of all individuals who participated on any jury during the fiscal year. The report does not disclose which jurors participated in the evaluation of a given competition. Typically, a juror cannot serve on a jury for the same program more than once within a two-year period.

Jurors are paid an honorarium for their participation in the jury meeting, as well as a reading fee per application evaluated. Jury meetings may take place in person or by teleconference. In-person juries take place at the artsnb office in Fredericton; travel, meals and accommodation expenses are paid by artsnb for jurors who must travel from other parts of the province.


An artist is automatically added to the master list of jurors once he or she has received a Category A or Category B grant from the artsnb Creation Program. Professional artists or arts professionals may also apply at any time to become a juror by completing the Juror Application Form below and attaching an artist CV. Applications will be reviewed by the Programs and Juries committee prior to approval by the NB Arts Board.

Potential jurors must demonstrate that they are recognized professional artists or arts professionals with acknowledged ability, reputation, high standards of excellence in their discipline, credibility in the community at large, and ability to relate positively with artists of other disciplines. Applicants should meet either the mid-career artist or senior artist criteria for their discipline.


Juror Application Form

Completed forms, along with the applicant’s CV or resume, may be sent by email to or mailed to:

225 King Street, Suite 201
Fredericton NB E3B 1E1