If you receive a grant


For most programs, grants are paid in full upon approval. There are two exceptions:

For the Arts Scholarships program, scholarships will be paid in full to successful applicants upon receipt of official confirmation of enrollment from the institution. It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact the institution in order to request that official confirmation of enrollment be sent to artsnb at
PO Box 20336, Kings Place PO, Fredericton, NB, E3B 0N7.

For the Artist in Residence program, grants will be paid in full to successful applicants upon receipt by artsnb of a signed Project Confirmation Report. Project Confirmation Reports may be submitted by mail or by email to


Please note that grants from artsnb are taxable. T4A forms are issued in February of each year. First time grant recipients will be asked to provide their Social Insurance Number (SIN).


A Final Report must be completed, signed and submitted to artsnb following completion of the project.

artsnb reserves the right to request receipts for project expenses. Please keep all receipts until the Final Report for the project has been approved. A portion or all of a grant already allocated may be revoked if the expressed or implied intent of the program is not met. If a funded project is cancelled, altered or not completed, the recipient is responsible to reimburse all funds proportionate to the incomplete portion of the project. Such calculations are to be made by artsnb, with all relevant figures and information provided by the recipient.


Approved funding remains conditional on the realization of the project as proposed in the application. Grant recipients must contact the artsnb Program Officer at (506) 440-0037 or to discuss any major project changes.

A Final Report will be considered overdue if one year has passed following the end date of the project as indicated in the application for funding. Artists who have an overdue Final Report are ineligible for any other artsnb grants all overdue reports are submitted and approved.

Extensions may be granted for project delays on a case-by-case basis. Please submit an Extension Request Form to to be considered for an extension.


The New Brunswick Arts Board requests that grant recipients prominently feature visible recognition of the Board’s support in all materials, publications (including media articles and interviews) and programs of works or performances related to the grant. Such recognition should be commensurate with that given to corporate, or other sponsors or donors, for similar support.

Where space permits, recipients should incorporate the Board logomark along with the appropriate acknowledgement message into their print and promotional materials. Acknowledgement messages should be bilingual, with English first for predominantly English-speaking audiences and French first for predominantly French-speaking audiences.

Sample Acknowledgement Messages

  • This activity / tour / event is supported by the New Brunswick Arts Board
  • Cette activité / tournée / performance est soutenue par le Conseil des arts du Nouveau-Brunswick


These logomarks are for use by grant recipients only. Please retain the proportions used in the artwork provided. Do not reproduce the logomark smaller than 1.5 inches total height or modify it in any way.