1. Get complete information: Call the New Brunswick Arts Board’s program officers to confirm deadlines, eligibility and to make sure that you are applying to the appropriate program. Program officers do not make decisions about who receives funds, they are available to assist all applicants. The artsnb Program Officer can be reached at (506) 440-0037 or prog[at]artsnb[dot]ca.
  2. Once you have selected the appropriate funding program for your project, read the Program Description carefully, making note of any questions you have or clarifications you may need.
  3. Prepare early! Program officers may not be able to help you if you wait until the last minute. For advice or questions about the application process, please call or email well before the competition deadline.


  1. Apply online here. All Program Descriptions include step-by-step instructions for using the online application system.
  2. Your project description should be clear and concise. This is your opportunity to communicate your project to the jury. The length limit for project descriptions is 350 words for most programs and 500 words for the Creation Program. Please refer to the program guidelines to verify the project description’s lenght limit of the program for which you are applying.
  3. Budget: make sure all your expenses are eligible according to the program criteria and use accurate figures whenever possible. For very detailed budgets, you have the option of uploading a separate spreadsheet.
  4. Think of the Artist CV (Curriculum Vitae) as a brief record of your artistic activity and achievements. It is a curated summary of your experience as a professional artist. Please keep your CV to a maximum length of 4 pages.
  5. Carefully select your samples of work. As much as possible your samples of work should relate to the project for which you are applying. This is your opportunity to show the jury your artistic merit and your ability to carry out your proposed project. The combined length of samples should not exceed 15 images, 15 minutes of footage or audio, or 15 pages of text. Please note that juries are instructed to take approximately 10 minutes assessing samples of work regardless of the form.
  6. Reviews, art critiques, news clippings and letters of recommendation are optional but are highly recommended to strengthen your application.
  7. Keep in mind that your application will be reviewed by a multidisciplinary jury that includes artists representing disciplines other than your own. Do not assume the jury is already familiar with your work! Jurors make their assessment based on the information provided in the application, and not what they may know about an applicant through their prior experience or knowledge.
  8. Make sure you respect the deadline. Your application must be submitted online on or before 11:59pm on the deadline date specified in the appropriate program guidelines.


Please consult the resources below for additional tips on preparing your Project Description, Budget, CV and Samples of Work:

Tips on Project Descriptions (PDF)

Sample Project Description: Creation Grant (PDF)

Sample Project Description: Arts Infrastructure Grant (PDF)

Sample Recommendation Letter (PDF)

Tips on Budgets (PDF)

Tips on Writing & Formatting a Professional Artist CV (PDF)

Tips on Samples of Work (PDF)

How to Upload and Submit a Video (PDF)