The New Brunswick Arts Board requests that grant recipients prominently feature visible recognition of the Board’s support in all materials, publications and programs of works or performances related to the grant. Such recognition should be commensurate with that given to corporate, or other sponsors or donors, for similar support. These logomarks are for use by grant recipients only.

Please formulate your acknowledgement using the downloadable logomarks linked below:

Acknowledgement of Support

Acknowledgement Messages

  • This activity / tour / event is supported by the New Brunswick Arts Board
  • Cette activité / tournée / performance est soutenue par le Conseil des arts du Nouveau-Brunswick

Where space permits, grant recipients should incorporate the artsnb logomark along with the appropriate acknowledgment message into their print and promotional materials. Acknowledgement messages should be bilingual, with English first for predominantly English-speaking audiences and French first for predominantly French-speaking audiences.

Please retain the proportions used in the artwork provided.

Do not reproduce the logomark smaller than 1.5 inches total height or modify it in any way.

If you have questions about the use of the New Brunswick Arts Board logo, please contact us.