Feedback from the Peer Jury

Starting in October 2023, after artsnb releases the results of its program competitions, general constructive comments and recommendations from the peer jury evaluation of the most recent competition can be found here.

Please note that these comments are summarized from the discussions in the peer jury meetings, and do not necessarily relate to every application submitted to that deadline. The goal of sharing this feedback is to provide some insight into the jurying process, and to strengthen future applications.

Summary of the Peer Jury Feedback from the Février 1st, 2024 Competition – Arts Scholarship Program

General Information and data

  • The jury evaluated 34 applications and was able to award 18 grants with the available budget envelope for this competition (52.9% success rate). 
  • 7 additional applications received a status of “Merit.” This status indicates that the jury wished to recommend these applications for funding, but that the program budget was insufficient to fund all meriting applications.
  • The jury assigned 9 applications the status of “Not Recommended”. If an application isn’t successful, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the work lacks merit. Grant assessment is a competitive process and budgets are limited. Remember that every competition has a different set of applicants and a different jury. 
  • 5 applications were disqualified due to ineligibility prior to jury evaluation.

Recommendations on application components: 

  • The jury recommends that applicants ensures that their artist CV is relevant and concise and demonstrates the applicant’s experience in the arts (whether professional or not, in the case of the Arts Scholarship program). Please refer to artsnb’s Application Toolkit for more tips on how to write an artist CV.
  • The jury appreciated clear and driven-minded career plans that put forth the applicant’s vision, passion, and skill sets.
  • The jury appreciated strong samples of work that showed strong potential and were relevant with the applicant’s career goals.
  • The jury encourages applicants to use artsnb’s Application Toolkit to write their budgets, as many budgets contained ineligible expenses or were confusing and unclear.

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