Established in 1991, the New Brunswick Arts Board is an independent, bilingual, arm’s length organization composed of nine board members balancing gender, the five regions of the province, the various linguistic and First Nations communities, as well as the many artistic disciplines.


artsnb manages public funds and engages with a network of partners in support of a diverse, thriving, and sustainable arts ecosystem across New Brunswick. We encourage and celebrate the work of New Brunswick artists working in a broad range of disciplines, and empower them to share their work throughout the province and beyond.


By 2027:

  • artsnb equips the arts ecosystem to create great work, share a diversity of stories in many languages, and contribute to the vibrancy of communities throughout the province;
  • We nurture lasting relationships with artists and partners, provide appropriate resources to the New Brunswick arts community, and we are a driving force at the heart of an arts network throughout the province;
  • More funding is accessible to a growing number and a broader, more diverse range of artists living and working in communities across New Brunswick;
  • The arts community is recognized as a significant contributor to the economy, to quality of life, to linguistic and cultural vitality, and to the social fabric of New Brunswick;
  • Artistic expression is widely appreciated and celebrated in all its forms;
  • The work of New Brunswick artists is recognized locally, nationally, and internationally.


  • At artsnb, we cherish and promote empathy, openness, and harmony;
  • We continuously evolve, adapt, and respond to change in order to better serve and support creative and cultural expression;
  • We strive for efficiency, transparency, and accountability in all our endeavours;
  • We use our ears to listen and to learn, and our voice to speak, educate and celebrate.


Our mandate, as defined in the New Brunswick Arts Board Act, is as follows:

  • To facilitate and promote the creation and production of art.
  • To facilitate and promote the enjoyment, awareness and understanding of the arts.
  • To provide advice to the government, through the Minister, on policy development respecting the arts and on matters relating to the arts.
  • To promote and advocate for arts excellence.
  • To celebrate artistic excellence through the development and administration of awards programs to recognize high achievement in the arts.
  • To develop and administer programs on behalf of the Minister to provide financial support to individuals and arts organizations for artistic creation and professional development opportunities.
  • to establish and operate a system of peer assessment, a jury system or other methods of evaluation relating to
    • the artistic merit of works, projects and proposals submitted to the Board or to the Minister, and
    • the selection of new acquisitions, including acquisitions for the New Brunswick Art Bank; and
  • To carry out such other activities or duties in relation to the arts as the Minister may director approve.