Established in 1991, the New Brunswick Arts Board is an independent, bilingual, arm’s length organization composed of nine board members balancing gender, the five regions of the province, the various linguistic and First Nations communities, as well as the many artistic disciplines.


We stimulate New Brunswick’s creativity and innovation in the arts by supporting professional artists, rewarding excellence, raising awareness, and embracing diversity.


As a public arts funder, artsnb supports the cultural diversity of New Brunswick by fostering excellence in the arts, facilitating the creation of the arts by professional artists, and promoting the enjoyment and understanding of the arts.


artsnb is committed to the following values and principles:

  • Excellence
    artsnb considers excellence the cornerstone of our programs and our operations. It is the key principle guiding funding decisions and our engagement with partners and stakeholders.
  • Creativity
    artsnb acknowledges that creativity is a pillar of human enterprise and innovation. artsnb strives to support the creative endeavours of professional artists through its funding programs and activities.
  • Sustainability
    artsnb seeks initiatives and partnerships that promote the sustainability of the organization and that of the professional artists it supports. We consider the arts as an essential component of a healthy society and our work as a significant contributor to its wellbeing.
  • Appreciation
    artsnb has always believed that an understanding of the arts heightens people’s ability to tap into their creative capacity. We will continue to foster a culture that upholds the importance of the arts, and to support those who inspire and empower others through their art.
  • Equity
    artsnb promotes equity for emerging, immigrantor disabled artists,minority groups, etc. to allow them to build capacity through our programming. Equity does not necessarily mean treating everyone equally; it may require specific measures to level the playing field for all.


Our mandate, as defined in the 2016 Amendment to the New Brunswick Arts Board Act, is as follows:

The New Brunswick Arts Board has the following purposes:

  • To facilitate and promote the creation and production of art.
  • To facilitate and promote the enjoyment, awareness and understanding of the arts.
  • To provide advice to the government, through the Minister, on policy development respecting the arts and on matters relating to the arts.
  • To promote and advocate for arts excellence.
  • To celebrate artistic excellence through the development and administration of awards programs to recognize high achievement in the arts.
  • To develop and administer programs on behalf of the Minister to provide financial support to individuals and arts organizations for artistic creation and professional development opportunities.
  • To establish and operate a system of peer assessment, a jury system or other methods of evaluation related to the artistic merits of works, projects and proposals submitted to the Board or to the Minister, and the selection of new acquisitions, including acquisitions for the New Brunswick Art Bank.
  • To carry out such other activities or duties in relation to the arts as the Minister may director approve.”