Tuesday April 13th, 2021 – To make allowance for the current working conditions imposed by the pandemic, the criteria relaxation for the Career Development program has extended to the Arts by Invitation component.

Currently, eligible expenses for the Arts by Invitation component can also include:

  • Freight and shipping expenses, even if you cannot attend in person the performance, screening or exhibition of your work at an established arts festival, competition or art show, provided that the event takes place more than 150km away from your residence.

Please note that in response to the current pandemic and although the Arts by Invitation and Artist in Residence components are open, proposed projects must respect the travel restrictions in their home region and province, and at their destination.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the criteria relaxation for the Professional Development and the Professionalization and Promotion components of the Career Development Program still in effect. This is to take advantage of online training opportunities:

Professional Development component:

  • Online training to help adapt one’s artistic practice to the new realities of self-isolation, social distancing, and web-based communications. 
  • Online training and short-term studies: you may now apply before having been accepted by the institution or private instructor. Please contact artsnb Program Officer before submitting your application, some instructions will be provided. 

Professionalization and Promotion component:

  • Web-related expenses for up to one year, including web hosting, domain name registration, subscription for videoconference services, etc. 

Note that the upcoming Career Development deadline is officially May 1st, though since it falls on a Saturday, applications will be received until Monday May 3rd, 2021.  Applicants planning to apply to this program are strongly encouraged to contact the Program Officer with any questions they might have.

Sarah-Jonathan Parker, Program Officer: 506.440.0037,