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The Many Forms of Storytelling

Thursday May 11, 2023

Written by Gretchen Kelbaugh Gert Harding. Photo: Courtesy of the artist. My mom’s favourite aunt, Gert Harding (1889-1977), from Welsford, NB, spent six exciting years as a member of the militant suffragettes of Great Britain. Ever since I read Auntie Gert’s memoirs, I’ve been driven to spread her story: as a biography, an award-winning screenplay

Written by Amélie Richard artsnb FEATURED ARTIST SERIES – AMÉLIE RICHARD From a very young age, I was quickly introduced to music through Acadian folklore. Born and raised in Sainte-Anne de Kent in a family of artists, I was always surrounded by inspiration. During the last few years, I flourished in my passion for music

Forlorn Visitations

Tuesday March 14, 2023

Written by Nat Cann Photo: Forlorn Visitations, Memory. Collagraph 14.75″ x 52.5″, set of 4 variable editions. Fox jaw courtesy of taxidermist Cheryl Johnson w/ installation of a cottage kitchen. Photo credit: Sarah Fuller. Exhibited this past fall at Winnipeg’s Martha Street Studio, Forlorn Visitations is a detailed series of repetitious print-made investigations into the depths

Written by Starlit Simon “Ankweywitew, Matues” dress exhibited at the Saint John Art Centre as part of the group show “Wayfinding.”  Canvas, paint, porcupine quills, sinew, button snaps. 2022. Photo: Naomi Peters. What Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) amplifies for me is the dehumanization of Indigenous people and that Indigenous women and

Written by Brandon Hicks I’ve always loved mass media. Movies, books, radio, video games, comics, theatre, magazines — it didn’t really matter what form it took. I was simply taken with the concept of communicating through creation. If quality was a factor, I was hardly a discerning consumer. As a child, I was a fan

Written by Dariush Zarbafian FEATURED ARTIST SERIES – DR. DARIUSH ZARBAFIAN Dr. Dariush Zarbafian is an ethnomusicologist, composer, instrumentalist, researcher, and writer based in New Brunswick. In 2021 he received an artsnb Documentation Program grant to produce a theoretical work entitled The Origin, Evolution and Originality of Acadian Music. This work analyzes the structures of

Millinery Textures in Felt-Making

Wednesday November 16, 2022

Written by Trish Hirschkorn (Trish Raine Hats) FEATURED ARTIST SERIES – TRISH HIRSCHKORN In 2022 I had the good fortune to take a year off from my day job as an occupational therapist and was successfully awarded an artsnb Creation Grant.  I am a felt-maker milliner (hat maker) who wanted to take advantage of this

Written by Robin LeBlanc FEATURED ARTIST SERIES – ROBIN LEBLANC AND LA FAMILLE LEBLANC My name is Robin LeBlanc and I have been a musician since the age when my mother left me at the sisters’ convent in Bathurst to study piano at Université de Moncton. In other words, I did 7 years of classical


Wednesday August 10, 2022

Written by Mel Beaulieu FEATURED ARTIST SERIES – MEL BEAULIEU Peat bog in Kouchibouguac National Park. Photo: courtesy of the artist. Over the summer months, I’ve had the joy of working on a beaded wetland landscape inspired by photos I took while at the peat bog in Kouchibouguac National Park. This landscape is a project

Written by Ty Giffin FEATURED ARTIST SERIES ̶  TY GIFFIN I received artsnb creation funding for my short film Cicerone (at that point titled Ride Along) back in March of 2020, so our production was delayed a few times due to COVID-19. In that downtime, I also received the Short Film Venture award from the NB