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Featured artist – Martin Daigle

Thursday January 14, 2021

Martin Daigle is an interdisciplinary artist who is heavily involved in research and creation within audiovisual art forms. Having received several scholarships from artsnb over the years, he recently completed his Master’s degree program in classical music at McGill University in Montreal, and is currently enrolled in McGill’s Schulich School of Music Doctorate Program. As

Featured artist series – Dawn Steeves

Tuesday December 15, 2020

A conversation with Dawn Dawn Steeves is a visual artist based in Fredericton, New Brunswick with a background in fibre arts, graphic design, digital art, and printmaking. Dawn currently works in ink and oil paint concentrating on portraiture and the human figure while exploring both physical and ideological tensions on the natural world and the

Featured artist series – Mathieu Laprise

Tuesday November 10, 2020

Utukku at the Rio Webfest While at L’inis (the National Institute of Sound and Image), I had the opportunity to create a 3×5 minutes web series titled “Utukku” (script: Edith Kabuya, production: Fanny Bissonnette). This horror comedy tells the story of Vielda, a young girl who decides to take revenge on her worst enemy. She

MY CREATION, WHERE I AM Thanks to a category A Creation grant, I wrote two novels for youth dealing with grief. Tu es partout où je suis  is aimed at teenagers; Au chaud dans mon cœur, for beginner readers.   Catherine and her younger sister, Mélodie, each in their own way, tell the story of their brother David, who was killed by a motorist on

The Toronto-based F4A collective facilitates the Site + Cycle project, a residency that combines analogue filmmaking instruction with teachings about site specificity at Artscape Gibraltar Point on the Toronto Islands and at Anima Casa Rural in Mexico. Participants have produced films that explore the regions’ histories, topographies, and vegetation, and shared knowledge of organic plant- based film processes.

Come From Away – Gerard Collins

Friday February 23, 2018

As a writer, I often get asked where my ideas come from. I like that the question focuses, not on the artist, but on the source of inspiration. My best ideas seem to come from away. I’m a Newfoundlander by birth, as well as by design. I have been shaped by The Rock – as