Meet our summer intern, Kimia!


My name Is Kimia, and I am this year’s artsnb summer intern. About nine years ago, I moved to Canada from Iran with my family. Having no English skills or cultural context, I struggled for the first few years. It was through creativity and art, where I started to feel more comfortable.

Upon graduating high school, I studied political science at the University of New Brunswick. I loved Political Science, but at the end of the day, I am an artist who likes to tackle social issues and bring them to life. After some thinking and some hard decisions, I decided to take a risk and pursue my passion for design.

To start my Graphic Design journey, I enrolled at NBCCD. This program allows me to study many different subjects, including web development, drawing, design and the history of art/design. I am currently going on my second year and do not regret the decision at all.

My dream is to become a beacon of inspiration for artists in the province. Moving to Canada at an early age has had its difficulties, but if I could take on a position like this and succeed, I might be able to help inspire young females, and aspiring immigrant artists to pursue their artsy dreams. There is a false idea that artists cannot thrive, that is why most avoid taking the leap into arts. I think there is a way to bridge the gap between staying true to your craft and maintaining financial freedom that is why I choose to work at artsnb.

Pablo Picasso said it best “Everything you can imagine is real.”