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Orsoni “Master in Mosaic” Workshop in Venice, Italy The amazing part about being in Venice is BEING IN VENICE. Here you experience a heightened reality. Roads of churning water. Grand architecture and tiny cafes tucked in corners. Artistic expression every street you turn onto. I came to Venice for 1 week in October to learn

Julie Forgues – Artist Residency Programs

Thursday December 12, 2019

Living in Moncton, New-Brunswick, Julie Forgues obtained her BFA at Universitéde Moncton in 1995 and her MFA Studio –photography at Concordia University in 1999. She has been a faculty member of the Department des arts visuels of Université de Moncton since 2000 as a photography professor and is the Head of department since July 2016.

Greg Everett – Old Burial Ground

Friday November 29, 2019

Greg Everett is a Fredericton based playwright and performer. His plays CARRION BIRDS (2018) and GULLYWHUMP (2019) were winners in the one-act category of the NB Acts festival. Entwined in the supernatural, his works underpin a world of ghosts and monsters with a surreal framework of history and lived experience.

Material Exploration – Alanna Baird

Wednesday November 20, 2019

I applied for funding towards completing a new body of work in Bronze for an exhibition as well as to continue explorations through new technologies, material and scale. I wanted to spend time developing a concept that revolved around ceramic forms found in my past work in clay, reaching back 30 years but involving new

Artificial Intelligence and the Arts

Friday August 9, 2019

“We all know that artificial intelligence is already making its way into the health, education and decision-making sectors. But, it is also to be seen that the latter will affect the artistic sector as well as the way we create and consume art.”

“Film is one of the most powerful mediums in the world. It can make you feel things you never thought, react in ways you may never have, or give you hope you may have lost.”

Notes of a Traveler – Maria Guevara

Wednesday July 17, 2019

“I am happy to be living and becoming a clay artist in this beautiful corner of Canada, with its unique majestic landscape and weather. In New Brunswick I have found my new home and I learned all I know about inspiration and creativity.”

Meet our summer intern, Kimia!

Tuesday July 9, 2019

“My dream is to become a beacon of inspiration for artists in the province. Moving to Canada at an early age has had its difficulties, but if I could take on a position like this and succeed, I might be able to help inspire young females, and aspiring immigrant artists to pursue their artsy dreams.”

5 Deadline Dates Left for 2019!

Friday July 5, 2019

Réanne Cooper, Communications Officer The beginning of July often marks the beginning of warm summer weather. However, it also marks the halfway point throughout the calendar year! Wow, six months gone by already.  I thought I would remind you all of the deadlines that are left for this calendar year – as you reminisce on

  As one of the new staff members here at artsnb, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Réanne Cooper, and I have recently joined the team as the new Communications Officer. Just to share a bit about myself, I was born in Nova Scotia but grew up here in Fredericton, New-Brunswick. I