Artificial Intelligence and the Arts

Réanne Cooper, Communications Officer

What about artificial intelligence and the arts?

We all know that artificial intelligence is already making its way into the health, education and decision-making sectors. But, it is also to be seen that the latter will affect the artistic sector as well as the way we create and consume art. Workshops that will tour the country are talking about artificial intelligence and the arts, and the effect they have on each other.

The workshops will aim to deepen this theme as well as help understand where the artist finds themselves in all this – what are the present opportunities? The workshop offered here in Fredericton, NB will be led by: Valentine Goddard (Francophone) the founder of AI on a Social Mission; and Jerrold McGrath (Anglophone) facilitated leadership workshops at the Banff Center for 10 years, then worked for Daniels Artscape Toronto, and is also a creative entrepreneur. Akou Connell, former Executive Director of artsnb is an official collaborator on these workshops.

The free, bilingual workshop will be offered on September 16th, 2019 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Charlotte Street Arts Center. Simply register for the workshop via the event website.

All those interested are encouraged to participate. There are no constraints on levels of knowledge in digital literacy. The workshop will only accept 20 participants and encourages a wide range of representatives to create a diverse group, both culturally and in different artistic disciplines. artsnb is very proud that such a workshop is being offered to our artists here in our province!

These workshops are led by Art Impact, a joint initiative led by Alliance Impact IA (AIIA) and UKAI Projects, with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

“AIIA is a Montreal-based NFP that offers consulting and presentations on the social, ethical and political impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AIIA draws on the support of an extensive network and deep understanding of the AI ecosystem.

UKAI helps people outside traditional and institutional spheres of arts creation do their work and contribute to our collective well-being.”

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