Calling artists of all disciplines: artsnb seeks high-quality images of artwork or performances.

Have you received a grant from artsnb recently? Do you have high-quality images documenting a project that was funded through an artsnb grant? artsnb is seeking high-quality images from recent grant recipients for the following project.

About the project

Selected images will be featured on artsnb Communications Cards. The Communications Cards are a new initiative at artsnb. This initiative is a means to enhance artsnb connection with various individuals and organizations throughout New Brunswick and Canada. The cards will be sent out to individuals to highlight specific occasions or achievements, while giving artsnb an opportunity to celebrate the creativity of NB’s artistic community.

Dates, selection process and remuneration

The deadline to submit images is February 15, 2021. Artists whose images have been selected will be contacted no later than March 1.

  • The staff and Board of artsnb will make the final selection.
  • Selected images for the Communications Cards will reflect a wide variety of artistic disciplines and the cultural diversity of the province.
  • Only images submitted by recipients of a grant from artsnb will be considered.
  • Submitted images should reflect work or performances done within the last two years and related to projects funded entirely or partly by artsnb.
  • Artists whose images have been selected will be asked to sign a form allowing artsnb to use the images for the stated purpose.
  • Artists will be paid the going CARFAC rate for the use of the images for the stated purpose.

*Please note that the photographer owns the rights to the photograph. Thus, if you, the artist, hired a photographer for your artwork, it is the photographer that will be compensated.

How to apply

  • Submit your image(s) to
  • A Maximum of 3 images can be submitted per artist.
  • Please send only one image per email with the accompanying information (see below).

Some more technical details…

Images must be high-quality, high-resolution photographs (1600 x 2400 pixels min.). Your application must also include the following (in the body of text of the email or in an attached document):

  1. Name and contact information of the applicant.
  2. Year when the work was created or date when it was performed.
  3. Name of the performance or artwork depicted (if applicable).
  4. The artsnb program that funded the work or performance depicted.
  5. Name of the photographer.
  6. Names of the individuals in the photo (if applicable).
  7. The materials used in the artwork (if applicable).
  8. The dimensions of the artwork (if applicable).

Have some questions?

Contact Audrée, artsnb Communications Officer,, or by phone 506.259.9776