It is with much delight that we announce that Tilly Jackson is artsnb’s new Program Officer. Tilly has been the Operations Manager at artsnb for 7 years, a role in which she has been an asset to the organisation’s daily functioning, dealing with everything finance, human resources, and office management related. With a steady increase to the number of applications at artsnb in the last few years, Tilly was ready to take a new role in serving the arts community and recently became artsnb’s new Program Officer. Let us reintroduce you to Tilly Jackson!

After 7 years at artsnb, I am so thrilled to be reintroducing myself to the New Brunswick arts community as a Program Officer! Having previously been in the position of Operations Manager, I am intimately acquainted with our arts funding programs, and I have had plenty of experience helping artists with many facets of our application process over the years. With the wonderful recent increase in application numbers, artsnb needed another Program Officer to help manage the increased workload, and I’m so happy to be working alongside Rebecca Salazar to administer artsnb’s funding programs. I relish this new challenge, and I’m excited to be better able to serve the arts in New Brunswick, which I am so passionate about.

A little about me: I spent my childhood in London, Ontario, but have called New Brunswick home since 2006. I’ve always been a reader and a lover of literature, which led to my undergrad studies in Honours English Literature, and I also completed minors in Chemistry and Drama. I’ve previously worked as box office assistant and administrator for the NotaBle Acts Theatre Festival, which is dedicated to the development and production of new plays by NB writers. Outside of artsnb, I am an active theatre artist; I’ve been acting/directing/writing/improvising in Fredericton for over 10 years, and when I’m not working, I’m usually rehearsing or reading plays. Right at this moment, I’m directing Bard in the Barracks’s outdoor production of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It,” which is currently underway. I have had the privilege of collaborating and making art with many local theatre and multidisciplinary artists over the years, and I am always happiest and most fulfilled when I’m in the middle of a creative project. Balancing my arts practice and my job has always been very important to me, and I love working in this small integrated team of artists supporting artists.

Both Rebecca and I are here to help you navigate artsnb’s grant application process, and I look forward to hearing about your creative projects and helping you find the right funding program!

Learn more about Tilly on our STAFF page.