4 things that the Marketing Director does at artsnb

4 things that the Marketing, Communications and Translation Director does at artsnb

Nathalie Rayne, Marketing, Communications and Translation Director

Having worked for several non-profit organizations in the past, I was very much aware of the diversity of the workload, considering we have to wear many hats and become expert multitaskers. But this was never clearer to me then when I started at artsnb in May 2012, and multitasking became part of my title. It’s always a mouthful to say when introducing myself! Some may wonder what it is I do and so I put together a list!

  1. Social Media – I am at the helm of all of our social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Youtube (and now our blog!) are the channels we use most often. We use them mostly to stay connected to our clients, to let them know about upcoming deadlines, changes in our programs, residency opportunities.  I also like to keep up-to-date with what is happening artistically around the province, and throughout Canada. I check art blogs weekly and try to post interesting artwork. Every year we post the Lieutenant-Governor Awards ceremony on our youtube page. And have you seen our video annual report? We use Instagram often to document an event we are attending. I also keep track of our social media analytics in order to know what content people interact with on our social media sites. This allows me to see what people like so I can post more similar content. There’s no point in posting something that I find interesting, if others don’t feel the same!

    Nathalie Rayne
    Nathalie Rayne
  2. Translation – As an arm’s length organization, we need to follow the government’s bilingualism protocol which means everything we produce needs to be in both official languages. Every email correspondence, every document, everything that is posted on the website, needs to be translated. My busiest translation time is right after the Creation and Documentation programs deadlines. We need to translate the project descriptions for the juries (all disciplines except for literary arts which are language specific juries). Usually we get between 80-100 applications…at 350 words apiece, I spend days working solely on translations!
  3. Communications – Writing press releases, updating the website, monitoring the media for arts related stories, organizing media interviews…these all fall under the umbrella of the work I do for communications at artsnb. As a non-profit organization it is important to us to keep our programing and activities relevant to our clientele, the professional artists. As such, we are constantly tweaking or changing our programs to change with the needs of the artists in this province. These are the tools we use to let the public and our clients know about changes to programming on a regular basis.
  4. Various tasks – Have you browsed through this year’s annual report? It is my job to put together the artist features. I interview the artists for the write-up and secure the photos used throughout the annual report. I also find and change the photos on the website every six months.  And of course there are plenty of day to day tasks that would be too numerous to name here.

Thankfully I work with great coworkers who are able and willing to help me out when needed. I’m very thankful to work with a group of people who are all willing to share in the ebb and flow of the workload, we are all willing to jump in and help. Do you have any questions about the work that I do? Please feel free to contact me!