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Pictus – Jared Betts

Thursday September 5, 2019

“Art is everything to me, without art there would be no culture. Think about it, from the cereal box design, to traffic signs on your way to work, to the paintings in your home.”

“Film is one of the most powerful mediums in the world. It can make you feel things you never thought, react in ways you may never have, or give you hope you may have lost.”

Notes of a Traveler – Maria Guevara

Wednesday July 17, 2019

“I am happy to be living and becoming a clay artist in this beautiful corner of Canada, with its unique majestic landscape and weather. In New Brunswick I have found my new home and I learned all I know about inspiration and creativity.”

A familiar thread – Marjolaine Bourgeois

Friday September 14, 2018

“I, Marjolaine Bourgeois, am a visual artist from the Magdalen Islands and I live in Moncton, New Brunswick. In 1980, I graduated in printmaking and photography from the Department of Visual Arts at the Université de Moncton.”

Mediation – Anika Lirette

Wednesday August 15, 2018

“My intuitions are my points of reference. My emotions are my creative impulses. My encounters are my inspirations. My visions are my line of sight and my body is my work tool.”

“I am a multidisciplinary Wolastoqikyik/Canadian artist & renaissance woman, working primarily in the male dominated industries of animation, comics, illustration, and also fine art. I live in Sunny Corner, New Brunswick, in a small house, in the woods along the lil’ Nor’West Miramichi River, where I also get to work and run my independent studio-Moxy Fox.”

“Since beginning this program in September of 2017, I have seen tremendous results. This program has had a remarkable impact on my performing abilities and my love of the stage, which are both already leading to increased success in my career.”

(This article has been translated from the original in French). When I was young, I was rebellious. At 13, my dad gave me his 8mm camera, and that probably saved my life because cinema immediately became a passion. Shooting videos to better express my feelings was a revelation for me, as well as a new

(This article has been translated from the original in French). My name is Elise Anne LaPlante and I am an independent curator. I grew up in Moncton and I’ve always been interested in arts and culture. I pursued Communications in my academic studies, but always gravitated towards the arts. After 3 semesters of uncertainty, I

Spill Herself Away – Marcia Dysart

Tuesday January 23, 2018

I grew up in Fredericton. My parents were both educators and my mother a talented pianist. Art and culture was an important part of my upbringing. Attending the theatre, galleries and concerts were a monthly outing. I remember watching my mother practice the organ at church, and being fascinated with the coordination of her hands